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Students and Internships

At IPTA we highly value education and learning. Each of our four companies accepts students and interns at the following levels:




Shadowing involves observation of a therapist performing evaluations and/or treatment. Shadowing students can expect to have little to no involvement in patient care, and will be learning what the process of therapy looks like. Typically shadowing is reserved for students who are interested in learning more about one of our professions.


Undergraduate Internships

Undergraduate internships for OT, PT, and ST involve observation of a therapist performing evaluations and/or treatment with minimal to moderate involvement in patient care. These students are typically expected to help with administrative support such as cleaning, copying, or treatment planning. These internships may be used for school credit.


Graduate Internships 

Graduate internships for OT, PT, MT, and ST (and undergraduate internships for MT) involve gradual training on patient care until the student is at the level expected for the completion of their internship/ fieldwork. These students can expect to have maximal to independent involvement in patient care and will be learning all aspects of patient care, including documentation.

Contact Information 

Occupational Therapy

Dorothy Kalmbach: 

Physical Therapy

Lindsey Wilson (Greeley location): 

Brittany Hanser (Windsor location): 

Speech Therapy

Emilie Scharf: 

Music Therapy

Anna Phillippe: 

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